Offsite Backups

Offsite Backups Provide Digital Peace of Mind

In todays fast paced data-centric world of personal computers and consumer/business electronics (such as PDAs and digital media players) we have, as a society, developed a reliance on digital data. A1 partnerweb have particularly developed a dependence on data stored on various magnetic media such as hard drives, removable disks, and magnetic tape. While some computer users may never have had a problem with loss of data due to viruses, Internet worms or file corruption, most of us have at some time experienced the frustration and loss of productivity that comes with the loss of computer data.

Perhaps someone in your office deleted files off the network that your entire team had been working on for months. Or maybe the corporate firewall did not stop the latest Internet-borne virus that has a penchant for overwriting ‘.doc’ files with junk data. Like it or not, if you connect your computer to the Internet (and in some cases, even if you do not), your mission critical data is at risk. The question is: What can you do about it?

An excellent solution is to employ offsite backups. Offsite backup solutions allow you to store critical data that is crucial to your business or personal computing experience. Offsite backup providers make it quick and easy for you to back up your most important files to a secure, offsite facility that offers redundant storage, and round the clock accessibility to your files in the event of a critical ‘system meltdown’. When you use an online offsite backup provider, you can be secure in knowing that your files and important information will be available to you no matter what happens to the machines you work on every day.

Even if your computer needs to be completely formatted or your laptop is stolen you can have the peace of mind that the most important part of your computing experience – the data you generate on a day-to-day basis – is safe and secure and always available to you.

Your DATA is your Life. Protect it.

Offsite Backups

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