a1 Computers Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a New Computer-Laptop?

Office, multimedia, game… Many are the uses permitted by laptops. These and more have the advantage of being easy to transport, which is a huge advantage in the face of the conventional desktop PC. But before you buy, a1 computers should look at some criteria to choose the most suitable for your needs and your budget.


In this guide, you will find all our advice to choose the laptop of your dreams. You are looking for a racing machine for gaming or a primary booster device for browsing the Net, here are a few things to check before a potential purchase.


More than ever, the laptop itself as computers in our homes, putting aside the good old fixed Tower and allowing for more versatile use. Of many categories and features exist, but the drafting guide you to find the computer that fits your needs and your budget.

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No secret: more you put a high price in a laptop, will be better equipped. However, it is useless to invest € 2,000 if it’s for watching streaming videos. Cell phones the most expensive are often reserved for gamers, with similar characteristics of the most powerful fixed PCs on the market.

Take some time to define your use. Is a versatile portable PC and performing at about€ 500. This type of machine will suit the office and multimedia uses, and even a few not too recent games. Beyond € 1,000, we’re already on computers very powerful, able to handle more intensive tasks such as graphics editing and gaming.


If you want a laptop, it’s that you probably need a machine that is easy to carry. The advent of ultrabooks saw the emergence of extremely thin and light PCs, barely 1 kg. It’s the kind of PC ideal for situations that require mobility.


But the finesse has a price. To save more space, builders must sacrifice some components. The portable finest are sometimes limited in their connectivity or suffer low autonomy. Heat dissipation is also lower on very thin chassis.

Again, the size of your future laptop will depend on your use. If your PC is intended to stay most of the time at a fixed location, don’t need it to be very light. The reverse is true for highly mobile users who struggle soon to take a PC more than 2 kg all day!


Just like on a smartphone or a Tablet, the screen is a vital element for a laptop. Its size will influence the general footprint of the machine. A 17 “laptop won’t ship not as simple as one of 12” only.

The definition is also important when buying. Full HD is widely spread. A lower definition, however, is to be avoided, and the viewing will soon become uncomfortable. The most expensive laptops often go beyond Full HD, which is especially for designers who need precision in their work.


As we have seen above, the performance of your mobile future will be dictated by your use. At present, most of the models on the market are designed for Office Automation and Internet navigation. In this case, 4 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 processor suitable for not breaking the Bank.

On the other hand, a regular player or a professional will need more power under the hood. Thus, we find configurations up to 16 GB of RAM with dedicated graphics cards. Of course, the budget is then more than all the same!


Finally, the storage is also a point to watch. The presence of an SSD will improve the ease of use, even on a slight configuration. On the other hand, a good old mechanical disc will be able to store several hundreds of GB of data without blowing the budget. With the development of SSDS, HDDs tend to disappear on laptops. They are ideal for mass storage.


The connection is a point should not be overlooked when making your purchase. If most laptops offer at least a USB port and an HDMI video output, it may be useful to provide wider.

Do you make presentations for work? Outputs varied videos are not a luxury. Is wifi coverage bad at your location? An RJ45 port will be a great help. And so on. More a laptop will have connectivity, more likely to be bulky. You to find the right balance between these various parameters.


Like any appliance intended for mobility, your laptop should be able to keep several hours away from the outlet. The size of a battery is expressed in mAh. But a big ability does not necessarily mean a big life expectancy. For example, a gaming PC will consume a lot of power because of the power required for this type of use.

There are on the market today that autonomy varies between 4 and 12 hours depending on the machine. Builders are often wide on their estimates, do so not to rely on the data sheets. By security, allow a lower range of 10 to 15% compared to the figures.

Operating system

If Windows 10 is the most widespread of the OS for PCs, there is not only one on the market. Apple is well established with MacOS, often praised by professionals. A few rare manufacturers market their laptops with some distributions of GNU/Linux, such as Dell. Google’s ChromeOS is also very common, but gaining ground thanks to its ease of use and its lightness.


There is a good chance that your future PC is provided natively with Windows 10. The price of the license is included in the total cost of the machine in a transparent manner. If you use macOS, we turn to the Apple PC, the only ones to benefit from this operating system. But nothing prevents you from then hack to install GNU/Linux; most distributions are free and simple to use.

With these criteria in mind, you should be able to choose a portable PC fits your budget as well as your use. Feel free to tell us in the comments what model did you crack.

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