Save Hundreds When Buying Dell Computers

You CanĀ Save Hundreds When Buying A Dell Computer

Are you looking to buy a new Dell Computer? If so here are some tips you should know about first; it will be worth at least a few hundred dollars to you!

Dell only sells through Dell, no middlemen; also, they do not have much over-head because they do not make a single computer until it is ordered. Because of these two reasons Dell can sell for less than most computer makers.

Dell uses various advertising venues to let you know about their low prices; television, catalogs, newspaper ads. Have you ever noticed that depending on where you see the ad the prices very greatly even though the systems are the same?

To be Dell savvy this is the first thing to remember, where you see the ad prices will decide what price you pay or deal you get. So where do you get the best deal? Easy, on the Internet ofcourse. Wait; do not go to Dell.com–NO! To be a smart Dell shopper you need to figure out just what you need on your new computer, what is right for you, what suits your computer needs? At your favorite search engine search for a Dell buying guide. Once you have a better idea of what you need search once again but this time for some reviews about the model(s) you have selected, the best would be independent reviews. Now type in your search box the model name + review. See what people are saying they feel the pros and cons are for the model(s) you chose.

Now that you know exactly what you are looking for the saving will begin! No while at your search engine search for Dell Coupon Codes. You will get a list of Dell Affiliate sites that will give you the coupon codes from Dell. These coupons are not advertised any place else, Dell keeps these for the smartest shoppers. Very often Dell has a coupon that will save you $750 when applied at checkout. Wow what a savings! Sometimes these coupons will be stackable, which means that you can use more than one coupon at a time, maybe a rebate or instant savings.

Check several coupon sites to find the coupon that works for what you are looking for. Be sure to bookmark the sites because the coupon codes change once or twice per week and you may need to check back to find what you are looking for. Be sure to read the fine print and verify the coupon has not expired.

Now that you have found the coupon codes for your chosen system you are ready to go to Dell and make your purchase. (Remember that the codes expire so you want to purchase now or you will have to wait and hope this discount comes around again) The affiliate site you found the coupons on should have a link.

Once you click add to cart Dell will take you through several pages of add-ons. This is where many shoppers get overwhelmed by too many choices, and spend more than they were planning.

Keep your Dell buying guides handy to help you buy only what you need and no more. You should know that you can down grade many of the default Dell options. When you finish going through the option pages you will be ready to check out. This is where you apply your coupon(s). Next select the cheapest shipping and pay tax.

If you follow all of these steps you should save hundreds of dollars and get the computer that exactly fits your needs.

At A Glance

1. The Internet has the best deals for Dell Computers
2. Do your research to find the right model for your needs with a buying guide
3. Read reviews of your selected model(s)
4. Search for Dell Coupon Code websites, make sure they are current by checking the expiration dates
5. Make your purchase, down grade where needed
6. Apply coupon at checkout

Congrats! You got the best deal on your new Dell.