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Five Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Notebook Computer:

Extremely lightweight typically weighing less than six pounds a notebook computer will easily fit into a briefcase. Obviously the main reason anyone would purchase a laptop is because it is portable. If you plan to use your notebook computer only in one place than you should buy a desktop computer. Why? Because of the expense, a laptop or notebook computer will cost about twice as much as a desktop that is equipped with the same components. But for those who need the portability it is well worth the cost.

Power and Speed:
Next you should consider the speed you need, or I should say ‘want’ in your notebook computer. As far as computing power goes, modern notebooks are almost equivalent to desktop PCs. Basically they have all the same components in them: CPUs, memory, capacity, and drives. With all this power in a small package it can get expensive! But if you are a person on the go it is well worth it.

Display Screen:
The quality of the notebook computer display screen will vary greatly. They now have flat panel technologies that will give you a non-bulky, lightweight display screen. Many laptop screens use VGA resolution, although active-matrix screens have sharper images but won’t refresh, as quickly as desktop monitors will.

Power Source:
Laptop or notebook computers will run on battery packs that will have to be re-charged. However they can also be plugged in.

Be certain you check the warranty before purchasing a notebook computer. You should know where and how it will be repaired if something happens to it. Don’t count on new/small companies’ warranties because they may not be in business long. Laptops are moved around a lot so it would be a good idea to get an additional maintenance contract if it is important to always have your notebook computer working. Also, be absolutely sure you check the store return policy! Make sure it is returnable just in case, some stores have a 30-day policy but not all of them!

These are the main considerations when purchasing a notebook computer or laptop. Do your homework and know what you want. Then you will make the right purchase.

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