Recycle Your Computer

Did You Get A New Computer? You Should Recycle The Old One!

Written by: Bonnie Archer

Did you get a new computer or other electronics? So now what to do with the old one(s)? No, do not put them out with your trash on the curb to go to the landfill. You recycle them ofcourse! Read on to see why you should recycle old computers.

If you were fortunate enough to get a new computer, VCR, or television, you may be left with the delimma of what to do with the old one.

A1-Computers encourages people to recycle their old electronics rather than throwing them away in the landfill. Did you know that many of the components can be manufactured into other things? Recycling companies can grind down computer parts and turn them into sheets of aluminum, car parts, and any number of other new products.


They will do a lot better being recycled than dumped in a landfill somewhere. The pieces in it, the metals and the wires especially in PC`s. They have things that can be reused and rebuilt.

They can crush and grind those tubes up. They can be a bullet, fishing weight, all types of stuff like that. People just don`t think about it until they see the amount of waste that exists. It`s incredible.

4 million tons of electronic waste goes into U.S. landfills every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA expects Americans to throw out 250 million computers by the end of 2005.

“You got mercury, gold, zinc, all kids of mineral components that these circuit boards consist of. You don`t want to put them in the ground because it`ll leak,” Reiss said. “With all the other stuff going into the landfill, it could be crushed, get into the ground water, get back into our drinking water, and lead is extremely harmful.”

To find out how you can recycle your computers and other electronics in Ohio check out this web-site of the Ohio DNR: You will find hundreds of recycling facilities and collection programs serving Ohio residents.

If you do not live in Ohio do a search below by typing in ‘computer recycle your town’ and find out where you can bring your computers or other electronics to be safely disposed of. Your children and there children will thank you!

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