Low Cost Mobile Computing

How To Enjoy Low Cost Mobile Computing

The Internet has become common source of information and with increased business and personal travel it is almost a necessity to have a laptop computer with wireless Internet access for easy mobile computing.

The new laptops built for WiFi and the WiFi Hub service providers are excellent but the cost can be a burden to those who have a budget and do not have a high priority need to justify that cost.

In addition to that, the effort of finding a WiFi Hub location limits the freedom of truly mobile Internet access.

The solution is very simple for those who enjoy hunting for bargains.

Shop for one of the many high quality used laptop computers. These can have CPUs from 500 Mgz to 800 Mgz, they are very functional have can be found for very low prices.

Get a basic Cell Phone service plan from any of the major companies.

Buy a Cell Phone Kit that provides software and a cable to connect the cell phone to the laptop for Internet access. There are several brands now available.

This is a wonderful low cost way of enjoying the Internet anytime and anywhere. It is not as fast as a broadband provider but it is very functional and can be used where ever a cell phone call can be made.

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