Laptop Computer Extras for the Mobile Traveler

A laptop computer certainly provides you with an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility away from the office. However there are a few laptop computer extras you might want to bring along on your laptop computer travels:


Extra 1: portable printer
If you travel a lot, you never know when you might need to commit one of your digital documents to paper. Sure, you can probably find a Kinko’s, or even the business center at your hotel, but the experienced business traveler knows you’re much better off when you’re not at someone else’s mercy.

Extra 2: USB hub
If you need to connect to several external devices simultaneously, the one or two USB ports on your laptop may or may not be sufficient. If not, keep an inexpensive four- port USB hub in your laptop case.

Extra 3: PC card token ring adapter
Ethernet is the industry standard for computer networking; however back in the 1970s IBM introduced a competing technology called Token Ring. While Token Ring has all but faded from the mainstream, some hardcore IBM’ers still use it. If you’re going to be working in such an environment, you’ll need a PC Card to connect to the network.

Extra 4: Foreign power kit
If you travel abroad with your laptop computer, you’re bound to run into a wide variety of power schemes – power schemes that aren’t compatible with your laptop. When you’re away from the homeland, you’ll need some sort of adapter/converter if you want to plug into a local wall outlet.

These laptop extras are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found online.

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