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The newest must have thumb drives are a must have computer accessory. Simple to use, small in size, huge data storage!

Thumb Drives - Great New Technology!

Thom Leggett

The ability to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is just another benefit computers have brought to the current business world.

Over the past few years, the different options to save and move data have multiplied dramatically. Usually the floppy disk (with it's 1.2 MB limitation), ZIP drives, CD-R's & CD-RW's, and even tape backups are the common ways to move data on non-networked PC's.

The latest innovation, the USB Removable Flash Memory (Thumb Drive, Key Drive, Flash Drive, USB Drive, Micro Drive) brings a whole new meaning to easy transport of data. These USB compliant devices are small enough to fit on a key ring or carry in your shirt pocket.

As a way to protect sensitive information, the security of one of these drives can't be beat. It's in your pocket!

Their size belies a huge data storage volume; the current sizes start at 16MB and go up to 1GB. The pricing on these devices is steadily falling, making the purchase of one of these handy drives almost a must have item.

Check out the accessories at your local computer store or go online to get a really good deal.

For very little cost you can now conveniently move data between PC's just as easily as accessing the data on your internal hard drive.

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