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    Strategies To Minimize Energy Usage For Your Personal Computer

    By Eriana Nurul

    Energy costs are a global issue today, people spend to much energy daily, especially electricity energy. We use a variety of electronic products in our daily life, such as computer, air conditioning, washing machine, etc.

    Most of us now use a computer in daily activities at home and work.

    Here are a few suggestions on how to minimize your energy useage with your Personal Computer

    1.Useing a black nad white screen instead of a color screen. A color screed uses alot more energy.

    2.The solid data of your server uses much more energy than a normal data content. You will face problems with solid data server, although there are new server products that are more economizing.

    3.Use a portable computer (lap top) they are much more efficient than a desk top computer.

    4.Use Voice over IP for organization and industry. Technology Voice over IP, without using cable and network maintenance, because one IP can be used data and voice.

    5.Shut down your computer when you do not use it, especially at night.

    6.You do not need to buy a new computer, if your old computer can be up graded.

    7.Be wise when buying a new computer, your new computer should be energy efficient.

    8.Use an LCD monitor instead of a CRT, the LCD monitor is more efficient in energy consumption.

    9.Use an ink jet printer rather than laser printer.

    10.Decrease to use monitor, if we can access from remote administrator. Also turn of your monitor when you do not plan to use it for an extended period of time.

    11.Use email rather than a facsimile.

    12. Be wise with your monitor choice, a 17 in. monitor uses 30 % more energy than 15 in. monitor.

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