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apple mac mini

The Apple Mac mini - It Fits Anywhere And It is The Most Affordable Mac Ever!

Mac OS X, the worlds most advanced operating system! Just connect, plug, and your playing. The Apple Mac mini will work with either Mac or PC-compatible peripherals, this makes it easier than ever to upgrade from an older Mac or PC system.

All you have to do is connect your USB mouse and keyboard, then hook up your DVI or VGA display (our adapter is included). Then just plug it in, turn it on and your ready to go.

Now this is power packed into a small package - Apple has outdone themselves! Under the sleek anodized aluminum styling of the Mac mini is a G4 processor, room for up to 1GB PC2700 main memory, a Radeon 9200 graphics chip, and a large enough hard drive, up to 80 GB, to store todays digital media.

With the mini connections you can hook-up your digital devices like cameras, iPod, printer, camcorder, and your keyboard. There is even a audio/headphone jack. You can customize this Mac with some great extra options after you select your Mac mini.

You have the choice to use your own keyboard and mouse or choose the Apple Wireless keyboard and mouse and free yourself from the clutter of cables. You will need the Bluetooth module and with it you will also be able to have wireless access to printers, cell phones, PDAs, input devices and other peripherals. Or add a AirPort Extreme Card and have the freedom of wireless networking from anywhere in your home. Although you must have these features added when ordering your Mac or they will have to be added by an authorized service provider because they are not user-installable.

A slot-loading SuperDrive added will let you play and burn both CDs and DVDs. So be sure to check out the most advanced, convenient, and affordable Mac in history!

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