Speed Up Your computer before you go buying a new pc


Is your computer getting slower and slower? Sick of waiting ,waiting, waiting? Check out the following article for simple ways to “speed up your computer.” 5 Ways to Speed Up Your computer before you go buying a new pc No matter how fast your processor and regardless of how much ram you carry, there comes a time when you realize your computer just doesn’t run as fast as it did when you bought it. Windows loads slower, programs take longer to launch, and, in general, your computer drags like it just came off a 2-night drinking binge. If this sounds like your situation,… Continue Reading…

Speed Up Your Surfing And Computing


Top 9 Ways To “Speed Up” Your Surfing & Computing It seems like fast never quite rates fast enough. No matter how quickly something moves, especially on the Internet, it could always move faster. Email, web surfing, downloading files (legally of course), none of them ever go as quickly as we want or expect. Well, let me do my part to perpetuate this microwave oven mentality (why must popcorn take 3 minutes instead of 2?) by giving you some tips and hints for making your online experiences and overall computing as fast as possible (even on a dial up connection). ** Hit The… Continue Reading…