Questions About Inkjet Cartridges

Is it alright if I keep printing when my inkjet cartridge is showing signs of running out of ink?

Just as you would not let your car run empty on gas, you also should not let your ink tank run empty. Several reasons: The Ink helps the resistors from overheating. So printing on empty can cause un-reparable heat damage to those resistors. If you use three-color cartridges and one color runs out you are risking damaging the inkjet cartridge if you continue to use it with only one tank empty! So, keep at least one extra on hand so you never have to worry about damaging your printer. And you know when you don’t have extra they always run out when your daughter has a report due tomorrow and its midnight!


How do I know my ink cartridge is running low?

Many modern printers will tell you when your inkjet cartridge is running low by popping up a message on your computer screen. But if not, here are two good ways to tell: white streaks or lighter than normal print or pictures. (Sometimes a clogged nozzle can cause these same problems these so be sure to check that out also.)