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  • What You Should Know Before You Buy Computer Equipment
    There are so many factors to consider when deciding on which
    computer equipment to buy. The bewildering amount of choices
    can seem overwhelming.

  • What kind of processor do you need on your new Desktop PC?
    Will just any computer equipment do for you? If you plan to do
    basic office work on you new Desktop PC or the usual Internet
    stuff; surfing and email, any processor will work for your computer
    equipment needs.

  • Why Buy a New Laptop or Notebook Computer?
    Discover the very best laptop and notebook computers.
    Wouldn't it be fun to expand your notebook computer
    and be able to create your own music CDs, home movie
    DVDs, maybe some digital photography, or even some
    serious gaming!

  • Surplus Computers and Discount Computers Are New Computers!
    Surplus computer just means that manufacturer excess, overstock,
    and slightly obsolete inventories in HUGE quantities were purchased.
    What that means for you, our customer, is truly remarkable discount
    computer prices!

  • What is a Refurbished Computer?
    Why buy new computer equipment when you can get the same
    refurbished computer at up to 80% savings and there is no difference
    in the quality or warranty?

  • Computer Accessories We All Want For Our New Computer!

  • Link Partners Sites
    Here you will find web sites with offers and information related to computers.

    • Articles and Tips
    • Decide On A PC Monitor Before You Buy Your New Computer
      Before you buy your new computer equipment you will want to
      decide on a PC monitor. After all you will be staring at it for the
      next few years! You will need to decide on the image quality,
      resolution, size, and type (CRT-LCD).

    • How Laptops Are Different Than Desktops
      Laptops mainly differ from desktops in the following features:

    • Never Used A Computer Mouse Before?
      This is a lesson for beginning computer mouse users.

    • What Is A Mouse?
      Who Invented The Mouse? A mouse is a device that controls the
      movement of the cursor/pointer on a computer screen; it is a small
      object that you can roll along on a hard or flat surface.

    • Digital Cameras are a fun and convenient computer accessory
      Digital cameras are one of the most fun computer accessories -
      wouldn't you like to send some pictures to some friends and family
      by e-mail? A digital camera is the easiest way to do that.

    • The Difference Between
      Digital Cameras and Conventional Cameras We have digital cameras because the past twenty
      years have brought major technological breakthroughs for consumer electronics.

    • Your Guide To Basic Computer Terminology
      It would be a good idea to read through these before purchasing
      a computer because these are things you should know about first.

    • Should I use recycled ink cartridges?
      In my opinion everyone should be using recycled ink cartridges!
      Why not? The quality is the same and you can get savings of up
      to fifty percent off. But most important is . . .

    • Questions About Inkjet Cartridges
      Is it alright if I keep printing when my inkjet cartridge is showing
      signs of running out of ink? How do I know my ink cartridge is
      running low?

    • Protect Your Computer
      Your computer is an expensive investment; you should protect it from. . .

    • Makeing Music CD's Using Your MP3 Files
      Would'nt it be great to play your downloaded MP3 files or WMA
      music on your home stereo or your portable CD player?

    • How To Buy A New Printer
      No matter if you are looking for, an ink jet, monochrome laser, or a
      color laser printer, you will find the information here that you need to
      buy a new printer. Different printers are designed to do different jobs.
      We will go over them feature by feature.

    • Questions To Answer Before Buying That New Computer Monitor.

    • Thinking of Buying a Refurbished Computer?
      What does refurbished mean? Well, it could mean several things. . .

    • The Photography Portfolio: Building Your Reputation
      If you have hopes of becoming a professional photographer, or even
      just of trying to get your work published in a public forum, you will
      need to create a photography portfolio.

    • How To Enjoy Low Cost Mobile Computing
      The Internet has become common source of information and with increased business and personal travel it is almost a necessity to have a laptop computer with wireless Internet access for easy mobile computing.

    • Internet PC
      Thinking of buying a new computer but are confused by all the different types (laptop, server, desktop, etc.)? There is one more option that is just becoming popular that could clear up things for many computer users, the Internet PC. Many of the large companies, such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq have released a new line of Internet PC computers that are revolutionary to the home computer market.

    • The Top 10 'Must-Have' Laptop Accessories
      You've laid out good money for your laptop computer, but you are not done spending just yet. There are a few must have laptop computer accessories you may want to consider to make the package complete.

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