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Save $500 On Your Next Computer Using Coupon Codes - Really!

by: Jake Davis

As consumers, especially on the Internet, we are constantly bombarded with promises like the title of this article. 80% off, save $300, or even get your free Xbox 360. We are pummeled by so many of these false promises, that they lose their meaning. Not to mention almost all of these claims are either totally false or loss-leaders. But there are actually ways to save large chunks of cash online, specifically when purchasing a brand name computer. You just have to know where to look to find the deals.

If you have decided you want to purchase a big name computer online, your choices will most likely be one of the top 4: Dell, HP, Gateway, or IBM. All offer similar customize-your-own system interfaces on their websites. Now it�s a matter of finding who is going to offer the best deal. Of the big 4, Dell is the most aggressive in their Internet marketing and promotions. Almost weekly they start new deals, which are in addition to whatever is offered on their site. These deals are offered in the form of a string of random numbers and letters called the coupon code.

These glorious little snippets of digits are worth their weight in gold. Like searching for gold, trying to find a valid coupon code on the Internet is similar to going on a treasure hunt. Often your search will lead you to invalid codes, expired codes, or even the codes themselves for sale. But when you plug that code into the checkout cart, and watch your total price fall by sometimes hundreds of dollars, the hunt is worth it.

So how do you find these codes? A well thought out search strategy is helpful. Try to get as specific as possible in your search terms. Bookmark any good deal sites you find, and watch them regularly to get to know flow of the deals, so when a great one comes along you are ready to jump on it! You really can end up saving $500 or more.

A great example of a site that keeps its coupon codes valid and current is

Here you will find many coupons, sales, and specials on computers and computer accessories.

Here you will find many more computer tips.

About The Author:
Jake Davis writes about Internet related financial and consumer issues for a variety of online sources including his site


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