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recycled ink cartridges

Should I use recycled ink cartridges ?

Ink and Toner, Save 40-70%

In my opinion everyone should be using recycled ink cartridges! Why not? The quality is the same and you can get savings of up to fifty percent off. But most important is our environment! There are millions of ink cartridges bought every year and only 10-15 percent are currently recycled. Each time you finish a inkjet cartridge you can drop it at an office supply store or obtain an envelope to recycle it. Even Best Buy has a bin you can drop them into to be recycled. I use hp and with each new cartridge you get an envelope to mail your used cartridge back to be recycled, I like that, it is even pre-paid postage! So the use of recycled ink cartridges is a win win!

Will the print quality of a recycled ink cartridge be the same as a new ink cartridge?

Most manufacturers only use high quality inks, which are specifically for inkjet cartridges. They should guarantee the print quality, check the policy before purchasing.

Will I get the same number of print pages with a remanufactured cartridge?

All recycled inkcartridges have a specific amount of ink to begin their lifespan and that determines the printing capacity. Each cartridge is weighed for the correct amount of ink during processing and re-checked during quality control.

Recycled Inkjet Cartridges

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